Our logo

Our logo was created by graphic designer Elaine Chambers-Hegarty – a Kuku Yalanji and Koa woman.

The design story: “I have used just 3 main colours in the design, plus black and white. The brown is to represent the enriched soil, the orange and yellow ochre colours to represent the sun, and the black to represent the people. I chose to design the layout with the AFL goal posts in mind, which are the 4 main strokes, but I have drawn them as a painted style to represent our indigenous art, and in my eyes, these posts can represent our elders and our young – which is two larger posts are the elders and the smaller posts are the younger generation. I also added the boomerang through the design to represent the ‘giving back’ and the return of what the foundation will do for the indigenous people in communities, and the boomerang has a gathering symbol on it to represent the gathering that takes place whilst the Sporting Chance Foundation does it’s work on our great land. The oval background is to represent an AFL field, and also how everything is not one perfect circle – and things can go out of shape, but given a ‘chance’, everything meets up in the end”.