The artwork in our logo is focused around the power of potential for an individual and the impact they have on others. 

The semi-circular shapes represent the ripple effect of positivity from one person to another, sporting peers and community people coming together, a place of belonging for all.   We wanted these shapes to represent our vision of ‘aspiring athletes aspiring their communities’ and a focus on the people.

The inner circles that surround the individual represent a meeting place and a safe place. There is a focus on collaboration, embracing teamwork when people and groups come together, and it signifies the power of sport as a positive tool for engagement. 

The boomerangs depict “coming/or giving back” support for sporting peers and family.  As we give to the community, we hope our athletes will engage as leaders and continue to do the same.  The circles around the outside reflect strength and a sense of protection – the Sporting Chance Foundation. By incorporating the Red, Yellow and Black colours as those portrayed in the Australian Aboriginal Flag we wish to acknowledge the journey and all who play a role. 

Our logo was created by Karen Seage, a proud Quandamooka woman of the Nunukul mob from Minjerribah of North Stradbroke Island.  Karen works for a Logan based creative agency that is a proudly Aboriginal business with an active Indigenous employment policy and a strong commitment to employ from the local Logan community.

Karen came back to us with several design options and we took these to our community for feedback.  We spoke to a range of  people from our First Nation’s community from aspiring athletes to Elders from across Australia. We received great feedback on the logos through our participation in the Australian Rugby Union Dream Big Time Tour where young Indigenous football players from across Australia vied for selection in the Inaugural First Nations Sevens Team.