About Us

Keeping young Indigenous athletes on their path to success.

Sporting Chance Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to minimise the stumbling block a musculoskeletal injury presents to a young athlete and keep them on the path to success.  

The Foundation will collaborate with the individuals, their communities and other organisations who share our passion to provide orthopedic & rehabilitation services encouraging an early re-entry and engagement back into the positive influences of sport.

This will include assisting the individual through:

  • All phases of pre-operative care
  • Surgery
  • Follow up
  • Post-operative rehabilitation education and ongoing injury prevention management

Working together to create change in communities.

In the process of helping individuals, Sporting Chance Foundation’s ultimate goal is to create enduring and meaningful change within the athlete’s communities through the medium of healthy and positive role models. It is envisaged that this will not only improve the engagement of Indigenous youth in the sport that they are passionate about, it will also encourage a positive relationship between them, the community and medical services.

Sporting Chance Foundation Board

Daevyd Rodda | Chairman, Director

Daevyd is a Sunshine Coast based Orthopaedic surgeon and founder of the Sunshine Coast Orthopaedic Group. He specialises in: trauma surgery; sports medicine (including ACL reconstruction); hip and knee arthroplasty; and foot and ankle surgery. As well as his Orthopaedic training at some of Melbourne’s most prestigious hospitals Daevyd has also done further post-fellowship orthopaedic training in various centres of excellence throughout Europe and North America.

Daevyd is driven to help Sporting Chance Foundation athletes reach their full potential following an injury by connecting them with the Orthopaedic services they need to keep them on the sports field. In doing so, he hopes to create positive interactions with medical professionals so that they may share these experiences with their communities. Daevyd is also optimistic that the currently Queensland based Sporting Chance Foundation service will eventually be able to offered throughout Australia.

Andrew Duff | Director

Andrew is a Physiotherapist based on the Sunshine Coast and Partner at Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy. Andrew is passionate about working with individuals, maximising their performance, and optimising their rehabilitation. This stems from his involvement with NZ High Performance Sport’s Winter Program over the past decade as well as his day to day contact with patients striving to achieve their personal goals in the clinic.

Now that he calls Australia home, Andrew is motivated to explore the opportunities and projects Sporting Chance Foundation can collaborate on in supporting Indigenous Athletes as they in turn inspire their Communities. From connecting Foundation Athletes with quality Physiotherapy services to directing Sporting Chance Foundation engagement in health and medical opportunities for Indigenous youth across Australia, Andrew is excited to see what can be achieved together.

Jeremy Chen | Director

Jeremy is a Director and founder of Promotive Group - a branded merchandise and marketing agency. Promotive employs 20 people and has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Manila. He is currently a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization and holds a Bachelor of Information Technology. Jeremy has studied Business administration at London Business School and is completing a masters program at M.I.T in Boston.

Currently, Jeremy is on the board of a multinational food business and was previously a director of the Old Scotch Collegians Association. Combining 15 years of experience in digital and event marketing, Jeremy seeks to help build the Foundations profile and corporate partnerships. Being an avid cyclist and runner, Jeremy has experienced multiple knee injuries and is proud to be able to assist young aspiring athletes on their road to recovery.